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What is the law of attraction?

Are people talking about the law of attraction?


Here and there, and almost everywhere online, somebody’s talking about it and everybody’s got an opinion. Through their own filters, their own experiences, what they understand of it. What they’ve learnt from it.

Often classified as an alternative medicine, the Law of Attraction touches our innermost beliefs and our inner reservoir of positivity.

Sometimes presented as a “magic” technique when seeking the holy grail of abundance, a personal development tool or a self-confidence booster, it is actually much more than that.

The law of attraction is a force. 

An energetic power that opens the door to making wishes come true.

So in concrete terms, how does all this work?

What does the term "law" mean?

Laws are observations that tend to point in the same direction repeatedly. And then principle of the law is accepted. 

So take the time to sit back and look at your environment and the impact of your thoughts on it.

We attract what we think about

What you are experiencing at this moment is the result of past choices. 

Out of the creative power of your thoughts is born a reality. Yours.

Because the principle of the law of attraction is implacable. You get what you want. You create what you think. You feed the scenario you choose.

And you are ultimately responsible for the life you lead today.

Are you really what you want? 

Are you completely satisfied with the life you lead?

In this process, you are always in control of the game… if you really want to be.

A powerful tool

The law of attraction is a magic wand, sometimes ignored, often misused. 

You have the power within you. The power to make your dreams come true. To make your thoughts a reality.

To grant your wishes, even the unspoken ones.

And this power is both dangerous and formidable.

Because the way it comes about materialy is based on the way you vibe.

And if you vibe with positivity and goodwill, the result is bound to be happy and satisfying.


Here is a little exercise to bring positive things into your life. The “checklist attitude”.

So, sit back and think about everything positive that has happened since the moment you woke up this morning. And remember to use all 5 senses.

Then make a list on paper or out loud, and say how every one of these moments was incredibly positive.

Come on, I’ll do it with you!


       This morning I opened my eyes. I’m alive!

       Outside, the sky is blue. The weather is beautiful!

       Today is Sunday. I have plenty of time!

       I made myself a tea. It’s comforting!

       I listened to music and it made me happy!


The list of all these little things is actually infinitely long every day. 

The love of our loved ones, good health, a welcoming place to live, a fulfilling job, a generous nature, happy coincidences, and so on. 


The more we think about it, the more we become aware of it, and the more gratitude becomes a part of our hearts and lives.

Then, if you want to take things further, say THANK YOU for each one.

Saying thank you has an extraordinary power. It leads you unconditionally to a state of well-being that is positive and good for you and for the rest of the world.

An inner process

What do you really want from yourself?

In the innermost depths of your heart and soul, only you know.

Just like you also know that deep down, what happens to you is not that far from what you personally think.

Here is one of the keys to this process. Believe.

Believe in what you want. Believe hard enough to make the dream come true..

law attraction

A way of being as you move through life.

The process requires practice and personal commitment. 

On the path to happiness, activating these universal laws requires a little training, experimentation and curiosity.

This will help us decipher the world around us by opening our eyes wide, and help us always find a thousand reasons to be happy.

The call to the Universe

The law of attraction is based on the concept of the power of the Universe. It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you are aware of the presence of this flow of energy all around you. This invisible and abundant power, to which you can connect whenever you want.

Then your vibrations harmonise with the energy that is truest to you and your will. 

Because that’s what it’s all about.

Wanting to receive.

Asking to be answered.

And the process is free.

Whatever your request, whether it’s love, health, gratitude, or abundance, an answer is always given.


This is how the law of attraction works.

Anything is possible, as long as you have:

       Worked out what you want

       Done everything to believe it

       Feel blessed with what you have already obtained


That’s how you set up a virtuous circle.