Whishati, the digital wishing fountain

Did you know that you attract the thoughts on which you focus your attention?

Yes, it’s true. It may seem surprising at first, but you can improve how you feel about your life when you

optimize how your mind is configured!


Take your life back into your own hands
with the law of attraction

Toss a symbolic coin into the digital wishing fountain to freeze time and ask yourself what you really want.

Making an offering to Whishati is also ‒ and most importantly ‒ a precious gift to yourself. You are giving yourself the means to get where you want to be.

In real life, you can visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome. But perhaps you do not have the time or money. Fortunately, the law of attraction knows no bounds.

It allows you to attract everything you want by focusing your attention and your energy on your wish. The attraction depends on how much confidence and investment you put into it. Some will say ‒ and rightly so ‒ that you must work on visualization and spare no effort in feeling and living your wish. That you must invest in it.

And while all this is, in theory, free of charge, even a modest investment will necessarily put you in a position to believe in it. Is there not a saying that tells us that, in life, nothing is free?

Whishati was conceived to give you unlimited power: you can toss in as many coins as you like, in any amount you like, no matter where you are. Yes, you read that right. You can attain the life that is meant for you, a career that aligns with your ambition, better health and lasting fulfilment. All of that without leaving your home!

Everything depends on you. Because Whishati helps you realise your desires and manifest your wish.


Inspire yourself to dare
to achieve your dreams

Do you doubt the potential of Whishati? I asked people who have tossed a coin in the fountain to share their best stories that became a reality. Here is what they told me…

Marie: “I had to toss in several coins to become aware of what I really wanted. Now, I know.”

Stéphanie: “This digital wishing fountain was a real tipping point that prompted me to take back the reins of my life.”

Émilie: “I had been dreaming about this job for a long time. As an extension of my work and my thoughts, I made an offering to Whishati. The next week, I got a promotion. Coincidence or fate? I have no idea. But it happened!”

What if you also decided to give yourself permission to empower your dreams? Make a wish right HERE!


Summon Whishati to enhance your life

Whishati, the digital wishing fountain, is here to help you strengthen your most precious desires and connect with the universe to grab on to your dreams.

Inspired by magical places all around the world, such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Whishati enables you to manifest your desires to see them become reality.

By giving yourself a moment just for you, you will be able to:

– kickstart your personal fulfilment to boost your confidence in your own abilities;

– provide you with the energy you need to improve your well-being;

– pause time and engage in a dialogue with the universe;

in sum, get to where you want to be and, most importantly, where you should be.

Obviously, no one can control your thoughts. They are your private property. But Whishati is here so you can become aware of how strongly you believe in your ideas. This means you can invest to help the positive process of the law of attraction to blossom.

However, I would like to be honest with you: the fountain is not a wizard. It does not always work on the first try (or at least rarely).

Those who prefer to wallow in passivity will even say that the fountain does not grant any wishes because each thought is free.

You can also find excuses for not getting ahead, and continue relying on fate.